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Welcome to our list of Amazing Street Food Vendors. Click on your favourite to find out more.



Welcome to our pre-paid booking page. This is where you can line up trucks for your next event and we can handle the logistics, payment, and overall solution for you.

For prepaid events our trucks have a minimum guarantee + GST and a 15% booking fee.

Hopefully that suits your fancy, and we can make some magic happen for you :)

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Who We Are


YYCFoodTrucks was initialized in late 2010 in an effort to bring street food culture to Calgary. With no program in place for such a great community building utility, we are quickly gaining traction in implementing and regulating a viable solution.

Calgary has quickly become a mecca for innovative food culture that is continuously growing through a desire to offer locally made, high level, sustainable food. This pilot project is an attempt to add vibrancy to our streets and bring people together in beautiful parts of our city.YYCFoodTrucks seeks to assist clients in creating, and executing, long-term sustainable businesses that can be significant and valuable contributors to both their owners and the local communities that they service.

James Boettcher, creator of YYCFoodTrucks, is a serial entrepreneur and is committed to the success of Food Truck Movement in Calgary. He also the visionary behind Fiasco.

Brittany Back, community and vendor coordinator for YYCFoodTrucks, has been an integral part since the early stages of YYCFT, and is a social media guru. She is an avid food truck fan, and has an extreme passion for the culinary arts.  You can reach her at



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Feel free to email us at with any and all great ideas!

If you are a vendor looking to join us, please use the vendor section to contact us.


Hey! Sign up to help us out at Food Truck events! You will get some sweet swag and always tons of tasty food!

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Who are you?
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